About us


Lagos LaidBac (LLB) was born in 2010, an idea birthed to give the image of the New Lagos metropolis life in art form. LLB formally represents quality, art and a culture of posterity. Taking the everyday images of Lagos and creating a Luxury brand of Tee Shirts and Related merchandise that people all over the world respect and embrace.

Lagos LaidBac is described by enthusiast as a collectors gem; we describe LLB as Artistic Luxury from Lagos to the world. Loyally taking our homestead and reintroducing it to people as Rich, Cultural, Fun and Progressive.

We are Lagos LaidBac, the Official Lagos Merchandise Company. We make Keepsakes, Souvenirs u0026amp; Mementos inspired by the culture of Lagos. In this light we introduce to you illuminating colors, unrestricted art and profound graffiti, the softer side of Lagos, Lagos LaidBac.


The Vision

Our vision is dedication to creating urban merchandise and the most epic experiences that promote the cultural values of Lagos



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